New Data Logger Beacon in Stock

We have the new iB004-PLUS SHT Logger beacon in stock. It stores up to 200 temperature and humidity data over a user defined period of 1 to 120 minutes.

As with the non-logging iB004-PLUS, it has a large battery and sends the battery level in the advertising data. The current temperature and humidity can also be extracted from the advertising data without connecting to the beacon.

Temperature Logging Beacon in Stock

We have a new beacon, the TZ-BT05 in stock that logs temperature values. Unlike most temperature sensor beacons, there’s no need for the temperature to be continually fetched as it internally stores 15,000 values. The time between sensing values is configurable.

Android and iOS apps allow changing of transmit power level, period, viewing, graphing of data and generation of PDF report containing graph and data that can be emailed or sent to a Bluetooth printer. The real-time app view shows current temperature.