EddystoneCMS Retired

Following on from Google to Stop Serving Android Nearby Notifications, today we have retired EddystoneCMS.

If you want to use beacons for marketing you now need to have an app that listens for iBeacon or Eddystone advertising. In some ways this is better than the discontinued Nearby notifications. For marketers it is more:

  • Reliable – Google’s mechanism wasn’t 100% reliable
  • Transparent – you can more easily diagnose problems when it doesn’t work
  • Accountable – you can collect many more metrics
  • Flexible – a beacon can trigger anything the smartphone can do rather than just a web site

However, this is at the cost of requiring the user to install an app. Marketing using beacons is best retro-fitted into existing apps rather than within marketing specific apps for which you will need a large incentive for consumers to install.

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The Top Users of EddystoneCMS

Our free EddystoneCMS currently contains 282 beacons that have had over 55,000 clicks. As with many stats in life, there’s a 20:80 ratio – about 20% of the users create most of the traffic. The larger 80% only have a few clicks and the descriptions and links show these tend to be people testing out Eddystone and/or their beacons. The remaining 20% are almost certainly making productive and profitable use of their beacons. Here are the top 10 users for inspiration:

  1. Michael Clower…Selling Las Vegas One House At A Time
  2. Nasi Goreng Gila Gondrong 81 Pulo Mas Restaurant
  3. LanesGroup
  4. White Cloud Kung Fu
  5. Sell your car here…we beat most Carmax offers we see
  6. Hello From Mr Clever Clean
  7. Click to discover Pure Romance by Yvonne
  8. PG Legal
  9. Something new and exciting is coming to Caversham
  10. Bass Pro Shops

The more observant will notice many of these are not secure (https) web sites. Instead, the https EddystoneCMS mini site contains a link to these sites.

New EddystoneCMS

Some people want to use an Eddystone beacon to send out a message but they don’t have the technical ability or inclination to configure a URL shortener and set up a secure web page to serve the web address. We have also seen some customers having problems with public URL shorteners such as tiny.cc because when they are overloaded they take too long to respond, the Google Physical Web Proxy gives up and consequently the beacon doesn’t get detected.

Today, we announce EddystoneCMS, a new FREE site that creates a fast, short eddys.cc URL and a editable, secure (SSL) web page the title of which is used for the smartphone message making it easier, less expensive and more reliable than doing all this manually. The CMS creates a short URL that you put into the Eddystone beacon using the manufacturer app.

What’s more, EddystoneCMS also provides analytics and geographic information showing how many people have clicked on your beacon web address.