Why is There a Bluetooth Beacon in My Hotel Room?

The presence of a Bluetooth beacon in your hotel room is likely part of the hotel’s efforts to enhance guest experience and operational efficiency. These beacons are used for various purposes.

These beacons can help in providing location-based services. For example, if the hotel has a mobile app, it might send you notifications about special offers or events based on your location within the hotel.

In larger hotels, these beacons can assist guests in navigating to facilities like the gym, restaurant, or conference rooms. They can help the hotel staff in monitoring and managing room status, like whether the room is occupied or needs cleaning, thus improving efficiency.

In the context of health and safety, especially post-COVID-19, such technology can facilitate contactless check-ins and check-outs, or even contactless room service. Hotels may use these beacons to collect data on guest movements and preferences to improve their services and tailor their offerings.