New Wellcore Beacons in Stock

We have some new and updated Wellcore beacons in stock.

W905 – This (and all Wellcore beacons) now support Eddystone (EID and URL) as well as iBeacon. This model is now magnet activated. It previously used an internal switch that was slow to access because four screws had to be removed to take off the waterproof lid.

W908 – New in stock. Silicone, waterproof with push on/off button.

W912 – Now supports Eddystone (EID and URL) as well as iBeacon.

W903 – New in stock. Physical slide switch inside.

W914 – New in stock. Wristband style iBeacon/Eddystone in two variants: normal battery and USB re-chargeable versions with push switch and magnetic activation respectively.

N915 – New in stock. Twin battery for longer battery life.

A new Android app allows support for Eddystone and iBeacon.