Beacon Locator Android App

A growing number of people are using beacons for personal use. Today, we added the Beacon Locator Android app to our Solutions Directory. It allows you to set up action types such as opening a URL, broadcasting an Android intent, starting an app, changing the sound profile and running tasks via Tasker in response to detecting or losing a beacon signal.

What’s especially interesting about this app is that it’s open source allowing you to extend it to a multitude of personal and business scenarios.

The Physical Web is Getting Personal

There’s an interesting post on Twitter showing how, at the View Source Conf, people are starting to advertise themselves on the Physical Web:

This is similar to the early days of SMS when people (and network operators) really didn’t know how it would be used. New uses will crop up and one of the main uses might even end up being personal advertising.

BeaconGo Wallet Finder iOS App Now Free

The BeaconGo Wallet Finder iOS app has gone from $7.99 to free. It tracks your wallet (or anything else) using any iBeacon (with commonly used UUIDs). You get notified when your wallet is no longer in range when you have left it behind or someone takes it.

Get it now, while you can, because this app has a history of yoyo’ing the price, presumably to attract downloads and publicity: