Rechargeable Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth beacons can last a long time on battery power, up to 5 years in some cases. However, long battery lifetimes require larger batteries that are more bulky and result in devices that are less suitable to wear.

The smallest beacons, most suitable for wearing, have small CR2032 coin cell batteries that can only typically last of the order of a few months. The solution is to use rechargeable beacons. They all charge via some sort of USB, either plugin, via a clip or magnetic connector.

The iB001W, supporting iBeacon and Eddystone, comes with a small charging cradle that plugs into the beacon.

The H1 Wristband is waterproof and has an acceleration sensor that supports motion triggered broadcast to save battery life. It charges via a clip.

The F1 is waterproof and has an acceleration sensor for motion triggered broadcast and also has a SOS button. It charges via a magnetic connection cable.

The B10 has an acceleration sensor but additionally makes this information available via advertising. It also has an SOS button and charges via a magnetic connector.

The waterproof W2-P5202D3 is a fitness tracker style device that advertises iBeacon, Eddystone and acceleration.

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