Minew USB UART Beacon in Stock

We have a selection of beacons that are powered from USB. However, up until now, very few of them have been controllable via USB.

We now stock the Minew U1 that has a CP2104 USB Serial converter that causes the device to show as a serial COM port device. This allows you to control it from other devices such as PCs, laptops, Linux or Android, as well as from the iOS/Android apps.

Why might you want to do this? Scenarios such as use with digital signage and video walls in shopping malls and stadiums sometimes need the beacon advertising to change in real-time as the display information changes. UART connected beacons allows the beacon advertising to be changed by the host device.

Beacons in Digital Signage

There’s an interesting new article at Digital Signage Today on The Future of Beacons and Digital Signage (link no longer valid). The article says successful growth in adoption and deployment of beacons in digital signage is linked to empowering customers and storytelling. It also talks of non-app driven deployment streamlining adoption.

The features required of signage are similar to those required for vending machines, the main feature being the ability to be powered from the mains. Non-app driven deployment will require use of Eddystone beacons.