Moko Factory Video

Moko, one of our manufacturers, has a new video showing two beacons being assembled in their factory.

Moko is one of the more innovative companies being the only one to have mixed Bluetooth and LoRWAN. Their LW003-B Bluetooth LoRaWAN Probe scans for beacons and reports detected beacons via LoRa.

LW003-B Bluetooth LoRaWAN Probe

This allows beacons to be detected in remote places, such as farm fields, where there’s no WiFi or Ethernet connectivity.

New W2-P5202D3 Wristband Beacon

We have the new W2-P5202D3 Wristband Beacon in stock.

It advertises iBeacon, Eddystone and acceleration. Rechargeable via USB. Supports always, button triggered (for SOS) and motion triggered advertising.

The app allows you to configure up to 6 advertising slots that can include iBeacon, Eddystone (UID, URL and TLM), acceleration and information (device name, MAC address, battery level).