H4 Temperature Humidity Beacon Test

Moko has a new video showing the H4 waterproof sensor beacon being tested. It first shows the beacon being submerged in water after which the temperature and humidity is shown in the accompanying management app.

It’s unusual to have a beacon that’s both waterproof and can report temperature and humidity because a hole is usually needed to allow allow passing of temperature and humidity to the sensor on the printed circuit board. The H4 solves this problem by having the sensor in a small cage at the side of the case.

H4 Waterproof Sensor Beacon

The beacon also has a logging function stores up to 4000 historical temperature and humidity values.

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New W2-P5202D3 Wristband Beacon

We have the new W2-P5202D3 Wristband Beacon in stock.

It advertises iBeacon, Eddystone and acceleration. Rechargeable via USB. Supports always, button triggered (for SOS) and motion triggered advertising.

The app allows you to configure up to 6 advertising slots that can include iBeacon, Eddystone (UID, URL and TLM), acceleration and information (device name, MAC address, battery level).

New H4 Sensor Beacon

We have the new Moko H4 sensor beacon in stock.

This beacon transmits up to 6 channels including iBeacon, Eddystone (TLM, UID, URL), temperature/humidity and information (device name, MAC address, battery level ).

The sensor is held outside the beacon in a small cage that allows the beacon to be waterproof to IP66. A unique feature is logging that allows storing and export of up to 4000 historical sensor values:

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New Moko H2 in Stock

We have the new Moko H2 in stock. In many ways it’s visually, mechanically and settings-wise similar to the Minew i7 with which it shares some DNA. It is essentially a less expensive i7.

It advertises iBeacon, is waterproof to IP67, uses the Nordic nRF52 for 5+ years battery life with default settings, has a side on/off switch and can reach up to 100m if you set the power to maximum.