How to Read the AnkhMaway Sensor Data?

Since we have been selling the AKMW-iB003N-SHT  and AKMW-iB004N PLUS SHT we have been getting a few questions regarding accessing the temperature and humidity data.

You should first read the manufacturer’s SHT20 User Guide (username and password supplied with your beacon).

If you are connecting via GATT to read the sensor data then you will need to set the beacon to be always connectable. The way to do this is (for some strange reason) only shown in the iB001M user guide:


So if you wish to transmit iBeacon and remain connectable, set the value to 0x82. Note that if you subsequently set the beacon ‘on’ or ‘off’ in the ‘simple’ configuration screen, accessed via the spanner icon (Android) or Configure option (on iOS), then this will overwrite your set value.

However, you might instead consider reading the sensor data from the advertising data which a) is much easier to program and b) uses much less beacon battery power and c) allows multiple apps to see the data at the same time.

There’s also an iOS example app in the BeaconZone AnkhMaway technical area.

New Data Logger Beacon in Stock

We have the new iB004-PLUS SHT Logger beacon in stock. It stores up to 200 temperature and humidity data over a user defined period of 1 to 120 minutes.

As with the non-logging iB004-PLUS, it has a large battery and sends the battery level in the advertising data. The current temperature and humidity can also be extracted from the advertising data without connecting to the beacon.

How to Open the iB004N Case?

There’s a manufacturer-supplied video in our Ankhmaway technical information that shows how to open the iB004N. We haven’t been happy with this video for some time. Firstly, if you open the beacon as shown you are likely to crack the case. Secondly, it shows someone wielding what looks like a metal screwdriver that, given where it’s used, could easily short or damage the circuit board. Thirdly, if you snap it shut as shown, you will snap off the retaining lugs.

We have found that the best way to open the iB004N is with a plastic sharp edge such as a guitar pick. Push it down as shown, where there isn’t a retaining lug:


Lever and the case top pops off. Use a plastic tool to lever up the printed circuit board and replace the battery.

To put the lid back on, first place the lid side with the two lugs into the corresponding two holes in the side. Push the lid down and use the plastic sharp edge, in the same position as you used to take the lid off, to widen the case slightly as you push the lid right down. This way, the lug won’t snap off.

iB004 PLUS Sensor Beacon Available

We now have a limited number of iB004 PLUS beacons in stock with an additional SHT20 temperature/humidity sensor. The iB004 is one of the most commonly used (and re-branded) beacons and the ‘PLUS’ part means it has a larger CR2477 battery rather than the CR2450 in the original iB004. The larger battery means there’s a longer 100m (vs 70m) range and longer battery life.


The temperature/humidity version has a small hole in the top to allow the environment, external to the case, to be sensed.