AKMW-iB005N-SMA Replaced by S1 USB

The iB005N-SMA is no longer manufactured and has been replaced with the S1-SMA.


The S1 USB doesn’t use batteries and instead uses USB for power. The USB isn’t used to set up the beacon and the manufacturer smartphone app, via Bluetooth, is used instead. The ‘SMA’ means it has an external rather than PCB antenna which moves the antenna away from the device supplying the USB power thus providing better Bluetooth radio signal and longer range. The S1 is also available without an external antenna.

We have a few iB005N-SMA remaining in stock of you particularly need that model.

New Long Range USB Beacon

We have the FSC-BP101 in stock. The stand out feature of this beacon is that it provides a range up to 300m without the need for an external dipole antenna.


This beacon supports up to ten advertising slots that can be iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL or AltBeacon.

USB beacons are particularly suited for use as a mains powered beacon where it can be inserted into a spare USB slot or into a USB mains adapter.

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USB Beacons for Fixed Installations

Beacons are often placed in shops, offices and other buildings for detection in smartphone apps. Battery powered beacons last from months to years depending on the size of the battery and the transmission power (adjustable). The compromise between battery life and physical range can be avoided if USB beacons are used instead.

USB beacons are powered from an available wallsocket, laptop, desktop or other standard USB socket. Alternatively, they can be powered using an inexpensive mains charger used to charge a smartphone or other device. Powering from the mains allows the beacon to be permanently set to full power with no worry about checking or changing the battery.

The use of mains power also allows for use of specialist beacons that output the maximium legally allowed (Class 1) power that wouldn’t be feasible using battery power.

The FSC-BP109 can be received up to 1000m on Android and 4000m on iOS.

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