INGICS Bluetooth Gateway MQTT Service Levels

The INGICS iGS01S (WiFi) and iGS02E (Ethernet) gateways support MQTT to send data to a server.

iGS01S Bluetooth LE WiFi Gateway

MQTT defines three levels of Quality of Service (QoS) that relate to whether requests are resent if not acknowledged:

  • 0 – The broker/client will deliver the message once, with no confirmation.
  • 1 – The broker/client will deliver the message at least once, with confirmation required.
  • 2 – The broker/client will deliver the message exactly once by using a four step handshake.

The INGICS gateways only support QoS level 0. This is because these gateways have lower memory and processing capability. They don’t have enough memory to queue unacknowledged requests required of other QoS levels. The extra processing would also significantly impact the performance and hence throughput.

If you need a higher MQTT service level then try the Minew G1 that supports QoS levels 0 and 1.

New Bluetooth Ethernet Gateway Available

We have a new INGICS gateway, the iGS02, in stock that uses Ethernet rather than WiFi. This allows it to be used where WiFi isn’t present or where it’s considered that data needs to be sent via a more reliable wired connection. The use of Ethernet also allows for a greater throughput detection of up to 70 beacons per second (with MQTT).

The iGS02 comes with a POE adapter allowing it to be powered from the Ethernet connection for networks providing POE. Alternatively, it can be powered via the USB connection.

The MQTT/HTTP output is the same as the WiFi-based iGS01 allowing these devices to be used interchangeably.

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