H4 Temperature Humidity Beacon Test

Moko has a new video showing the H4 waterproof sensor beacon being tested. It first shows the beacon being submerged in water after which the temperature and humidity is shown in the accompanying management app.

It’s unusual to have a beacon that’s both waterproof and can report temperature and humidity because a hole is usually needed to allow allow passing of temperature and humidity to the sensor on the printed circuit board. The H4 solves this problem by having the sensor in a small cage at the side of the case.

H4 Waterproof Sensor Beacon

The beacon also has a logging function stores up to 4000 historical temperature and humidity values.

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New Moko H2 in Stock

We have the new Moko H2 in stock. In many ways it’s visually, mechanically and settings-wise similar to the Minew i7 with which it shares some DNA. It is essentially a less expensive i7.

It advertises iBeacon, is waterproof to IP67, uses the Nordic nRF52 for 5+ years battery life with default settings, has a side on/off switch and can reach up to 100m if you set the power to maximum.

New Minew E2 PA in Stock

We have the new Minew E2 PA in stock. It’s a waterproof beacon advertising iBeacon and Eddystone.

What’s special about this beacon is the 10+ year battery life that comes through using the power efficient Nordic nRF52 SoC and 4 AA batteries. The in-use battery life will depend on settings.

This beacon also has a power amplifier that provides for an exceptional range of up to 500m. However, as with any long range beacon, the maximum range is achieved only when there’s line of sight.

New Waterproof S1 Sensor Beacon in Stock

We have the new Minew S1 in stock. It’s a sensor beacon with accelerometer, temperature and humidity as well as iBeacon/Eddystone. Unusually for a temperature/humidity beacon it is waterproof to IP65 making it suitable for use outdoors. Sensor beacons like this usually have the sensor on the PCB and a hole in the case to pass through ambient temperature and humidity. Instead, the sensor is outside the beacon:

This beacon takes 2 AAA batteries and uses a newer, more efficient Nordic nRF52 System on a Chip (SoC) for a long 3 year battery life.

New Wellcore Beacons in Stock

We have some new and updated Wellcore beacons in stock.

W905 – This (and all Wellcore beacons) now support Eddystone (EID and URL) as well as iBeacon. This model is now magnet activated. It previously used an internal switch that was slow to access because four screws had to be removed to take off the waterproof lid.

W908 – New in stock. Silicone, waterproof with push on/off button.

W912 – Now supports Eddystone (EID and URL) as well as iBeacon.

W903 – New in stock. Physical slide switch inside.

W914 – New in stock. Wristband style iBeacon/Eddystone in two variants: normal battery and USB re-chargeable versions with push switch and magnetic activation respectively.

N915 – New in stock. Twin battery for longer battery life.

A new Android app allows support for Eddystone and iBeacon.

Beacon Waterproofing Insight

Some of the beacons we sell are waterproof. When most people think about waterproofing electronics they think about protection from splashes or submersion. However, there are some scenarios where waterproofing might not seem to be needed but is actually is required.

One such example is in vehicles. While the inside of a vehicle might seem dry, it can have long periods of high humidity. This can cause the metal parts of the beacon and/or the battery to rust leading to failure of the beacon. Waterproofing also keeps humidity out. So, also think about potential humidity when specifying your beacon.


Car Trip Logging Using iBeacons

We recently came a cross driversnote, an app for iOS and Android that keeps car trip logs. While the app obviously uses GPS for logging routes, an iBeacon can also be used to cause the app to start logging when you get in your car.

One tip for users of car trip apps is to make sure you use a waterproof beacon. The humidity and dampness in cars has been known to cause beacon batteries and battery contacts to corrode over time.

See other apps in the ‘personal’ category that work with generic beacons.

White Key Fob Beacon in Stock

We have had a small number of a white version of the Apple MFi certified PC061 key fob beacon come into stock. This beacon supports one of iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL at any one time, the mode being changed by quickly double clicking the button. Clicking the button once turns it on and off. It remembers the last used mode.


This beacon is waterproof and weighs only 11g. It comes with a special metal tool for opening the case and replacing the battery. The battery should last 6-12 months depending on the advertising rate.