New MBM03 Road Stud Beacon

We have the Minew MBM03 road stud beacon in stock.

The road stud is waterproof to IP68 and shock proof to IK10. It has a very large battery for a long battery life of up to 10 years depending on settings. While it is suitable for vehicle parking, checking in, positioning and tracking it’s also suitable for non-vehicle use where a rugged beacon with a large battery is required.

Minew have a promotional video highlighting the salient features:

While a lorry can roll over the stud, for the longest life it’s recommended the stud not be subjected to continual or repeated pressure.

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New KKM Waterproof Beacons in Stock

We have four new KKM waterproof Bluetooth beacons in stock.

The K8 is different in that it has tags for screw fixing. It also has an on/off button at the side that can also be used for triggering.

The K3 is one of our most waterproof beacons with an IP68 rating. The silicon case allows pressing of an internal button that can be used for button triggered broadcast.

The K5 has a hidden on/off button inside the case and is waterproof to IP67.

The K3 and K8 and K5 also have an accelerometer that can be used for advertising x, y z or to set up motion triggered broadcast.

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FSC-BP108 Wearable Beacon Updated

The FSC-BP108 has been updated so that the battery is now replaceable.

Previously, the waterproofing was such that the beacon had to be ultrasonically sealed. A clever new twisting design allows the battery to be replaced while remaining waterproof.

Most coin cell beacons use either a CR2032 or CR2477 battery. CR2477 tend to be too large for keyfob beacons while CR2032 only last of the order of a year, depending on settings. This beacon uses an intermediate size battery, the CR3032 that more than doubles the battery life of CR2032 while keeping the size small and weight low. This beacon also uses the newer Dialog DA14531 that offers a battery life up to 6 years, depending on settings. 

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New Minew E2 PA in Stock

We have the new Minew E2 PA in stock. It’s a waterproof beacon advertising iBeacon and Eddystone.

What’s special about this beacon is the 10+ year battery life that comes through using the power efficient Nordic nRF52 SoC and 4 AA batteries. The in-use battery life will depend on settings.

This beacon also has a power amplifier that provides for an exceptional range of up to 500m. However, as with any long range beacon, the maximum range is achieved only when there’s line of sight.

New Waterproof S1 Sensor Beacon in Stock

We have the new Minew S1 in stock. It’s a sensor beacon with accelerometer, temperature and humidity as well as iBeacon/Eddystone. Unusually for a temperature/humidity beacon it is waterproof to IP65 making it suitable for use outdoors. Sensor beacons like this usually have the sensor on the PCB and a hole in the case to pass through ambient temperature and humidity. Instead, the sensor is outside the beacon:

This beacon takes 2 AAA batteries and uses a newer, more efficient Nordic nRF52 System on a Chip (SoC) for a long 3 year battery life.

Beacon Waterproofing Insight

Some of the beacons we sell are waterproof. When most people think about waterproofing electronics they think about protection from splashes or submersion. However, there are some scenarios where waterproofing might not seem to be needed but is actually is required.

One such example is in vehicles. While the inside of a vehicle might seem dry, it can have long periods of high humidity. This can cause the metal parts of the beacon and/or the battery to rust leading to failure of the beacon. Waterproofing also keeps humidity out. So, also think about potential humidity when specifying your beacon.

Car Trip Logging Using iBeacons

We recently came a cross driversnote, an app for iOS and Android that keeps car trip logs. While the app obviously uses GPS for logging routes, an iBeacon can also be used to cause the app to start logging when you get in your car.

One tip for users of car trip apps is to make sure you use a waterproof beacon. The humidity and dampness in cars has been known to cause beacon batteries and battery contacts to corrode over time.

White Key Fob Beacon in Stock

We have had a small number of a white version of the Apple MFi certified PC061 key fob beacon come into stock. This beacon supports one of iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL at any one time, the mode being changed by quickly double clicking the button. Clicking the button once turns it on and off. It remembers the last used mode.


This beacon is waterproof and weighs only 11g. It comes with a special metal tool for opening the case and replacing the battery. The battery should last 6-12 months depending on the advertising rate.

Inside the iB001M

Here’s a look inside our smallest beacon, the iB001M. The circuit board measures only 2cm across and the height of the beacon is is only 2.6mm.


The waterproof iB001M can transmit iBeacon and Eddystone at the same time. There’s also a press switch to turn on/off and a buzzer that’s found in the top side of the beacon (not shown) together with the waterproof ring. This beacon can be set up to only transmit advertising data when motion is detected.

It weighs only 4g so is great for wearable and pet-related applications.