New Minew F6 Tracker Beacon

We have the new Minew F6 Tracker Beacon in stock.

F6 Tracker Beacon

Tracker beacons are different from normal beacons in that they are designed to be connected to an app for the majority of the time. Non-tracker beacons just advertise and aren’t usually connected except for setup.

The F6 comes with iOS and Android SDKs that provide for bonding/pairing with a password, listening to events such as connecting, connected, disconnected, getting the MAC address and RSSI, ringing the tracker, receiving a button press event, receiving a notification n seconds after disconnect and disconnecting at a given distance (received signal power level, RSSI).

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How to Open Minew S1 Case

We have recently started stocking the Minew S1. Minew have a video showing how to change the battery:

If you are changing the batteries we recommend you use Lithium batteries, such as Energizer Lithium, rather than alkaline batteries. This gives a longer battery life, flatter decrease in voltage over time and better resilience under lower temperatures.

Changing the Battery in the F4 Tracker Beacon

We recently started selling the Minew F4, a quality tracking beacon with external on/off button, 85dBm buzzer and range of up to 50m. The battery last about 6 months. Minew have a video how to change the battery:

There’s a T-Finder iOS and Android app on the app stores but the intention is that this beacon will be used with your own apps and solutions using the supplied Android and iOS SDK.

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Configuring iBeacon with Minew BeaconSET+

Minew have a new video showing how easy it is to set iBeacon parameters with their BeaconSET+ app:

BeaconSET+ is the newer app that works with MiniBeacon Plus beacons. These are Minew beacons supporting both iBeacon and Eddystone as opposed to those only supporting iBeacon for which the older BeaconSET app should be used.

This new video is one of many new tutorials that show how to use BeaconSET+.

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Inspecting Data from Bluetooth Gateways

Bluetooth gateways scan for beacons and send detected data your server, BeaconServer™ or BeaconRTLS™. However, what if you don’t have a server yet or want to determine if a gateway is actually sending data?

Ubeac allows you to set up a hook to receive gateway data. What’s more, they have some informative setup videos for our INGICS, Minew, AnkhMaway and Aprilbrother gateways.

Ubeac INGICS Setup

Read about Beacon Proximity and Sensing for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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