Windows Bluetooth Framework

Bluetooth Framework is a library for using Bluetooth on Windows. There are editions for .NET, c++ and VCL. While the framework has many features, those of particular interest to Bluetooth LE developers are:

  • Enumerating and managing local Bluetooth radios
  • Searching for remote Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Measuring RSSI
  • Bluetooth LE (BLE) GATT profile client
  • Monitor Bluetooth LE beacons: Proximity beacon (iBeacon), Alt Beacon and Eddystone Beacons
  • Capture raw Bluetooth LE advertisement frames
  • Custom Bluetooth LE Advertising

iBeacons for Intuiface

Untuiface is one of a growing number of products incorporating beacons in their functionality. Untuiface allows you to build interactive multi-touch kiosk type screens without writing any code.

Intuiface Composer

It’s possible to use iBeacons to trigger actions. For a static kiosk, things or people coming close can trigger content. For a moving kiosk, such as a tablet, content can change depending on how close the tablet is to particular areas or things.

The settings provide for actions when beacon advertisements are detected, change or are lost thus providing for different types of interaction. Untuiface have an example to show contextual information as items are picked up from or replaced to their original position.

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