Fitness Band with Heart Rate and Body Temperature

We have a new beacon, the 1810G in stock that monitors both heart rate and body temperature.

Heart Rate and Temperature

This fitness band can provide real time steps, heart rate or temperature. It also stores the historical data. Data is obtained by connecting programmatically to the device, via Bluetooth GATT, from Android, iOS or other Bluetooth LE device.

Can be set up to provide for social distancing reminders, tested every minute, when two bands of this type come close together (2m).

Being programmable it allows for new usecases such as monitoring groups of people. This might be used, for example, to identify those with an elevated body temperature.

There’s also an iOS and Android app for normal consumer use.

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How to Attach Beacons

The electronics inside beacons tends to be very similar because they are based on chip manufacturers’ standard designs. Instead, the main differences tend to be the batteries and the case. When it comes to the case, how to attach the beacons is usually a consideration.

The most common way of attaching beacons is with a double sided sticker supplied with many beacons. 3M VHB is popular due to the strong hold. The sticker can be attached to smooth surfaces such as wall or the back of lanyard id holders.

3M VHB Sticker
3M VHB Sticker

When using stickers, removing the beacons from walls can damage the paint surface. Also, some installations need a more theft resistant solution. Other’s need to be attached to rough surfaces or used in rugged situations. In these scenarios look for beacons with screw mounting. The screw holes are also sometimes used to plastic tie lock beacons to structures such as cages or plastic boxes.

For wearable beacons, many have a loop that can be attached to a lanyard or keyring. There are also wristband form factors.

Finally, a few beacons have the option to use a magnet for attaching to metallic objects.

Magnetic Beacon
ABSensor N03 with Magnet

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New Thin Beacons in Stock

We have two new thin beacons in stock. The Meeblue U1 and UL1 are only 4.8mm x 45mm x 25.5mm and weigh only 7g.

These beacons are similar to the iB001M in that they are particularly suitable for wearing by humans or animals. These new models have twice the battery power of the iB001M and use the more battery efficient Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 series system on a chip (SoC).

An accelerometer can be used to provide for motion triggered advertising. The accelerometer is only used for motion triggered broadcast and has adjustable movement threshold. They can also be set up to only advertise when the button is pressed. Advertising can be iBeacon, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URI or user defined. In addition, the UL1, has a light sensor that can be set up to cause the beacon to advertise when it’s either dark or light.

Fielddrive for Event Checking and Visitor Tracking

Fielddrive provides machines to manage event visitor flows, providing fast checkin. They also supply the BEACONEX system where wearable beacons track the attendee journey throughout an event allowing show organisers to collect and analyse this data and learn about different aspects of the event.

For more information, visit the Fielddrive blog post What Are Benefits of Beacon Technology for Events?

We have added Fielddrive to the Beaconzone Solutions Directory.

New INGICS Beacons in Stock

We have two new beacons in stock in the INGICS range:

The iGS04 is a new keyring/keyfob style beacon only 6mm thin. It advertises continuously and the button is used to change a value in the advertising data.

The iGS01 is similar to our other iGS beacons except it has no sensors other than the being able to detect the button press.

These Bluetooth beacons are not iBeacon nor Eddystone beacons. The advertising data is instead wholly used for sensor data. You will need an (your own) app or gateway to scan and obtain the advertising data.

New Wellcore Beacons in Stock

We have some new and updated Wellcore beacons in stock.

W905 – This (and all Wellcore beacons) now support Eddystone (EID and URL) as well as iBeacon. This model is now magnet activated. It previously used an internal switch that was slow to access because four screws had to be removed to take off the waterproof lid.

W908 – New in stock. Silicone, waterproof with push on/off button.

W912 – Now supports Eddystone (EID and URL) as well as iBeacon.

W903 – New in stock. Physical slide switch inside.

W914 – New in stock. Wristband style iBeacon/Eddystone in two variants: normal battery and USB re-chargeable versions with push switch and magnetic activation respectively.

N915 – New in stock. Twin battery for longer battery life.

A new Android app allows support for Eddystone and iBeacon.