Free Bluetooth LE e-Book

Mohammad Afaneh, author of the e-book ‘Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)’ has announced an updated version of his book, set to release in July, 2023, to include new features added to the Bluetooth specification.

In the meantime, the current version of the e-book is freely available to download. The e-book to imparts necessary knowledge about Bluetooth LE (BLE) for a beginner to start development in a single weekend. This document provides an introduction to BLE, its technical specifications and how it compares to Bluetooth Classic. It delves into the advantages and limitations of BLE, suitable applications, and the architectural framework.

The e-book explores Bluetooth Services, Characteristics, and profiles related to BLE with a special focus on the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) and guidelines for creating your own GATT interface. There’s also an introduction to Bluetooth 5 and its features including enhanced speed and range. Additionally, it covers Bluetooth Mesh, discussing node types, provisioning and security considerations.

Pre-order of new version of the e-book is currently available at a discounted rate.