New Moko H2 in Stock

We have the new Moko H2 in stock. In many ways it’s visually, mechanically and settings-wise similar to the Minew i7 with which it shares some DNA. It is essentially a less expensive i7.

It advertises iBeacon, is waterproof to IP67, uses the Nordic nRF52 for 5+ years battery life with default settings, has a side on/off switch and can reach up to 100m if you set the power to maximum.

AKMW-iB004N AA in Stock

We have started selling the twin AA battery AKMW-iB004N AA. It works the same way as other AnkhMaway beacons in that to configure it you tap it onto a table or something hard to make it ‘ring’.


It’s also worth mentioning that this and all AnkhMaway beacons come with Panasonic rather than cheaper Chinese brand batteries.