Can You Provide Something So That When Someone Walks Into My Shop It Will Pop Up Offers?

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On 25 October 2018, Google announced they are discontinuing Nearby Notifications on Android. This mechanism should no longer be used.

Read about using Beacons for Marketing

Beacons are not an ideal solution for unsolicited retail marketing because potential customers need to have an app running listening for beacons or have set up Chrome to receive Eddystone URLs or have opted into Google Nearby notifications (on Android only) the very first time they came across (anyone’s) Nearby beacon. In addition, in all three cases, they also need to have left Location and Bluetooth on. You can read more in our article Beacons are Not For Spamming Customers.

If you nevertheless want to try it out we recommend you choose an ultra long range beacon such as the iB003-PA and set it up for Google Nearby or Eddystone URL.