FriendChip Wearable (Keychain) Mini Review

The people at FriendChip have sent us a Wearable (keyring) to try:

The beacon came with a USB recharge cable, sticker and a magnet (front right in the photo). The magnet can be used to turn the beacon on and off. The LED flashes once when activated and three times when deactivated. We found the LED to be dim and less easy to see in bright light so don’t think, like us, that the beacon isn’t working.

This version of the FriendChip is a rechargeable beacon. The battery should last 3 months on a full charge. However, FriendChip recommend one charge a month. Incidentally, the ‘sticker’ version, not reviewed here, has a non-chargeable battery that has to be replaced after about 1.5 years. FriendChip will be releasing apps for Android and iOS that, amongst other things, will allow you to see the battery level.

The FriendChip comes with 12 months access to their web site where you can update your profile – that’s the information shown when someone taps on a notification when their smartphone sees your FriendChip. You can modify your notification message, textual description (that can include simple HTML) and social media links.

We set up the FriendChip to point to BeaconZone:

The range of the FriendChip wearable (keyring) is about 50m but, as with all beacons, this can be affected by blocking and reflections

So what’s the difference between FriendChip and a generic Eddystone beacon? The main difference is everything is set up, working and ready to go. You don’t have to put the web address into the beacon. The web site is also solution based around making friends and winning customers.

FriendChip is €29.90 which includes the online profile for 12 months. Further years cost €12.00 per year. We like the zero administration aspect of FriendChip and we will be stocking all three variants in the next week or two.

UPDATE 4 October 2017: FriendChip is subscription is now free.