Notes from IoT London

Last night we were at IoT London. There were presentations by Roman Sonkinas, CTO of ImonT and Paul Evans  of Creator.

There are problems with the usual model of many IoT devices sending all their data up to the cloud. The first problem is latency. Real-time systems, such as cars, often can’t wait for a reply from distant servers. Another problem is the quantity of data. Sending up all data isn’t scalable technically or financially. Security is also an issue. Keeping data distributed and local to devices reduces the attack surface compared to keeping it all in the cloud. Nevertheless, local devices need to communicate rather than going via the cloud. ImonT solves the problem of interconnecting these devices. It:

“Allows your organisation to connect and coordinate things from multiple manufacturers, including apps, devices and gateways”

This gives the flexibility of choosing what data goes where. The ImonT SDK can be used in IoT devices as a device connectivity system and bridges between Bluetooth LE, ZigBee and TCP/IP.

CreatorDev are championing an open source, standards based framework to allow scaling of IoT. This includes the whole product lifecycle through manufacture, provisioning, management and decommission. They also have a dev kit, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and Ethernet to get started with using the framework. Software is open source on GitHub.