Beacon Registries

We previously wrote how Google has been trying to promote the “one beacon, many uses” idea. Many organisations, not just yours, can act on your beacons and that can enable new scenarios and possibilities.

Registries or databases of beacons are an interesting idea as they allow projects to get up and running quicker using an existing set of beacons. An example registry is The Beacon Map (no longer available) that aggregates beacons seen by Reveal Mobile’s SDK that sits inside some apps. The beacon map also geocodes the beacons so you can get lat/long location associated with the beacon.

The concept of a beacon registry has been taken further by SITA who have an industry specific beacon database for airlines, airports and ground handlers.

Registries also have limitations. Some scenarios require beacons’ settings, for example power and advertising interval, to be set to specific values that might not suit your usecase. Also, you might not want to have to rely on others’ beacons that might not be maintained as often as you might like. Also beware that the geolocating of beacons, for example by The Beacon Registry, can misleading when the beacons are attached to things that are actually moving.

However, sharing can provide new opportunities. Can you share your beacons with other organisations for commercial or PR gain? Can you share someone else beacons? Alternatively can you go one step further and share or piggyback others’ apps that already have users?