Lantian Mini 2.4GHz Spectrum Analyser in Stock

A few projects, especially those in dense urban, retail and industrial situations, can have problems with Bluetooth. Bluetooth uses 2.4 to 2.485 GHz. The Bluetooth protocol divides this allocated frequency band into 80 channels and automatically changes channels to reduce interference. This interference can be from some phones (in USA and Canada), other Bluetooth devices, car alarms, video devices, Wi-Fi, video senders (in the UK), ZigBee, wireless microphones and microwave ovens. Another source we have seen is other beacons which, when you get very large numbers, can cause broadcasting collisions.

If you are having or anticipate problems with beacon range, discovery or detection time, a spectrum analyser can help determine congestion and by moving nearer/further from devices or turning them on/off can help determine what’s causing interference.

We now have the inexpensive Lantian Mini 2.4GHz spectrum analyser in stock.

It has an OLED display module and runs from a 4xAA battery pack. As with our Faraday bags, it’s a useful accessory to have by your side when doing a beacon rollout.