V.ALRT in Stock

We have the V.ALRT in stock:

The manufacturer used to have both V.ALRT and V.BTTN that were the same products with different accessories. There’s now only the V.ALRT that now includes all the accessories including the belt clip.

This beacon is a large button that can be worn on a pendant, belt clip or wrist:

It can be used in projects that need to detect a button press. A built in accelerometer also allows for operations based on gesture control. It can create an audible tone and flash an led. It’s also waterproof to IP67.

It’s not an iBeacon nor Eddystone beacon. The advertising data is only used so an app can detect the device after which Bluetooth GATT is used to communicate with the device.

It can can be programmed to detect a short press, a long press or a fall. Raw acceleration can also be captured. The battery level can also be reported.

It can also be used with the V.ALRT iOS and Android apps that can txt up to 3 contacts your location or calls up to 3 contacts when the button is pressed or the device detects a fall. The app also provides out of range and find alerts to track items.