Experiment Before Committing

We see some companies only after they have gone a long way down a particular road only to discover they made a big mistake early on. It might be, for example, they have heavily committed to the wrong beacon, wrong platform or have assumed something on one of the mobile platforms. They didn’t do their research. Often we can help them get on the right track but sometimes not.

At the other end of the research scale we have other companies who ask us “Will beacons work in an xyz environment?” where xyz has ranged, for example, from underground on the tube for the police to inside cars for a car retailer. Taking this further, we also get many, what we call, “armchair entrepreneurs” who want to work everything out before even looking at a beacon.

While we have a lot of expertise and provide advice through consultancy, it’s often the case that there are some aspects that are unknown until things are tried for real in the actual environment. Wireless solutions can be very fickle.

A lot can be learned about beacons, Bluetooth and the environment by buying one inexpensive beacon and trying things out. In the case of software, try implementing a thin slice through the proposed system touching on the perceived risky or unknown areas. Experiment before committing. Don’t go all in buying thousands of beacons and commissioning full custom software until you are confident things will work.

Consider a Feasibility Study