Special Issue Bluetooth Low Energy: Advances and Applications

The MDPI has a special issue of Sensors Journal with a collection of papers related to Bluetooth LE.

BLE applications can be found in a wide range of domains, e.g., smart home, smart cities, smart health, smart agriculture, or Industry 4.0. BLE is enabling the interaction between humans and smart objects, as well as between smart objects themselves. BLE has also been leveraged for innovative location-based applications, opportunistic data collection and crowd-sensing.

All the papers are available free of charge under open access:

Detecting Proximity with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons for Cultural Heritage

Optimizing the Bluetooth Low Energy Service Discovery Process

Empirical Study of a Room-Level Localization System Based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy Interference Awareness Scheme and Improved Channel Selection Algorithm for Connection Robustness

Obstruction-Aware Signal-Loss-Tolerant Indoor Positioning Using Bluetooth Low Energy

Efficient Communication Scheme for Bluetooth Low Energy in Large Scale Applications

Experimental Evaluation of 6BLEMesh: IPv6-Based BLE Mesh Networks

Energy Modeling of Neighbor Discovery in Bluetooth Low Energy Networks

Bluetooth 5.1: An Analysis of Direction Finding Capability for High-Precision Location Services