Tracker Beacons Now In Stock

We now have some tracker Bluetooth beacons in stock. Tracker beacons are Bluetooth beacons designed specifically for tracking physical items or remote camera button-type applications but they can be used for other purposes. Unlike iBeacon, Eddystone and Sensor beacons, there’s no configuration app, the Bluetooth advertising data is fixed and can’t be re-configured.

Tracker beacons differ from (most) iBeacons in that they, once connected via Bluetooth GATT, allow the beacon to ring, can detect a beacon button press and the beacon can ring when it goes out of range.

Tracker beacons can also be used, without GATT connection, to detect presence by using their MAC address on Android/gateways, or peripheral id on iOS CoreBluetooth, to uniquely identify them.

There are many poor quality tracker beacons on the market that are unreliable. It has taken us a while to find quality tracker beacons that also have known Bluetooth Services/Characteristics for programming purposes.