Tracking Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks are a common theme or problem in warehouses. They are expensive, can cause damage and are potentially dangerous. Here are the top 3 scenarios we have come across when speaking to warehouse clients.

  • Tracking the usage of forklifts to make best use of what is an expensive resource. The solution is real-time monitoring of movement using a real time locating system (RTLS) to detect excessive durations of no movement.
  • Detecting if they crash into racking. For example, we had a customer with a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals. They needed to know about impacts with racking that could potentially displace and spill the chemicals. The solution is detecting unexpected excessive rack movement using a RTLS.
  • Detecting if they go missing. One client told us of forklifts going missing having been driven off in lorries in the cargo area. A RTLS can alert when forklifts go outside an area, inside an area or are no longer being seen.

These scenarios affect the company’s direct costs. Preventing just one incident can pay for the RTLS and more importantly prevent fines, injuries, lost days and medical bills.

Even when there aren’t accidents, a RTLS saves costs through improved efficiency.

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