Using Beacons in Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The Journal of Information Technology in Construction has a new new paper on BIM Integrated Post-Occupancy Evaluation System for Office Buildings (pdf). It describes a system that enables conducting space-time queries and visualization of collected feedback to support effective decision-making in facilities management (FM).

The system collected occupant feedback on their comfort needs along with the contextual information and presented this to facility managers. This data is critical for assessing occupant satisfaction and for identifying the operation and maintenance (O&M) issues in good time so as to improve resource efficiency in buildings.

Bluetooth beacons were used for locating the occupants which has the advantages of wide range of usage, low cost and being simple to use. Beacons had to be placed so that they were not obscured by the building elements and signal levels were adjusted to avoid interference between the beacon signals.

The system demonstrated that such systems are practical, usable and that real-time building performance data can be collected and analysed.