New Minew Firmware

Minew have announced new beacon firmware for their newer Nordic nRF52832 based beacons. nRF52 consumes less power than nRF51 based designs. The new firmware and apps support iBeacon and Eddystone (URL, UID, TLM) broadcasting simultaneously.

Beacons supporting the new firmware include the E2 Max Beacon, i7 Rock Beacon, C7 Card Beacon and C6 Wearable Beacon that we hope to have in stock in the near future.

View our current Minew beacons.

BeaconZone Now Stocks Minew Beacons

We now stock Minew beacons and have the i1, i3, i4, i7 and i8 available. Of particular interest and different in some way are the i1 and i3:


The i1 is a wearable keyfob type beacon. It’s the only keyfob type we stock that’s Apple certified that also has a larger CR2477 battery. It’s also waterproof.


The i3 is a double AA battery beacon with a longer than normal 200m range. It’s waterproof, Apple MFi certified and comes with two backs, with and without tags with holes.

We now have several beacons that have an exceptional range so we have created a new Ultra Long Range category.