Higher Education Engagement Using Beacons

Recent research Preliminary Mobile Beacon Application Framework for Higher Education Co-Curricular Engagement, presents a conceptual framework aimed at enhancing co-curricular engagement in higher education through mobile beacon technology. This technology uses location-based or proximity sensors to interact with users via mobile apps, potentially serving as a powerful tool for engaging students with co-curricular events on campus.

The motivation behind this work stems from the recognition of co-curricular activities’ importance in developing students’ character, alongside traditional academic curricula. The framework proposed seeks to address the challenges of low engagement in such activities due to students missing out on opportunities due to lack of awareness. By integrating mobile beacon technology with personalised notifications, the framework aims to inform students about co-curricular events happening within their proximity on campus, thus enhancing their engagement and participation.

A preliminary conceptual framework is detailed, focusing on the design and application of mobile beacon technology integrated with personalised notification features to support co-curricular engagement. This framework outlines the components necessary for developing such an application, including beacon devices, mobile apps, event databases and notification profiles. The document elaborates on the characterisation of these components and the processes involved in deploying and interacting with the beacon technology to deliver personalized and relevant co-curricular event notifications to students.

The document concludes by discussing the development of a prototype application based on the framework, using the Flutter framework for cross-platform mobile app development and the integration of beacon technology for real-time event notification.