Subscription-free Bluetooth Gateways

Bluetooth to WiFi gateways allow Bluetooth devices to communicate with WiFi networks and onward to local or Internet servers. A gateway converts the Bluetooth data into data that’s received at the server. This data usually includes the gateway MAC address, the beacon MAC address, the received signal strength (RSSI) and the raw beacon payload that’s usually iBeacon but can alternatively contain sensor information.

Some commercial gateways require financial subscriptions and use of a specific Internet platform. All gateways BeaconZone supply have open HTTP and MQTT data format allowing use of your own local or remote server. This is much more cost-effective and eliminates the need for ongoing fees. Another advantage of a gateway that doesn’t require a subscription is that it offers greater privacy and security. Platforms may collect and store user data that can raise concerns about privacy and security.

Not using a subscription-based platform means you are not dependent on a provider’s technical issues. You also become isolated from any existential business provider issues that might cause large increases in pricing or the service disappearing because the company is no longer in business.

Controlling your own server ultimately provides more options for customisation and scalability, allowing you to meet specific requirements that are unique to your business processes.