Bluetooth at the London IoT Tech Expo

We visited the IoT Tech Expo today in London. The event seemed to be about twice the size of last year’s smaller IoT TechExpo which shows the growth in interest in IoT. Also, it’s the first time there’s a presence by one of the IT ‘heavyweights’, Microsoft. However, the large number of IoT platform providers exhibiting doesn’t bode well for that particular sector. They can’t all survive. We found the Tech Expo a bit strange in that it has some end-user, consumer IoT solutions exhibiting next door to components suppliers, industrial sensors and software suppliers. The IoT Expo doesn’t really know yet what it is or rather who it is targeted at – much like IoT we suppose.

Here’s what we saw that was Bluetooth LE specific:

  • As with last year, bean iot where showing their sensor Bluetooth LE bean. They are now showing actual working beans rather than printed circuit boards. They also have a backend showing sensor data from the beans.
  • Blue ID were promoting their secure access solutions.
  • Advantech were showing their IoT Gateway Solutions that support Bluetooth.
  • Insight SIP were exhibiting their Bluetooth LE modules.