How is IoT Going?

Vodafone have an informative new report, the Internet of Things (IoT) Barometer. It’s a survey of 1,430 companies worldwide into their use of IoT.

IoT adoption is increasing now that companies are buying more cost-effective, off the-shelf solutions rather than building their own from scratch:

74% of adopters believe that within five years, companies that haven’t adopted IoT will have fallen behind their competition.

Adoption is across all sectors:

“95% of adopters are already seeing benefits. Over half
(52%) say that the returns have been significant and
79% say IoT is enabling positive outcomes that would be
impossible without it.”

The main gains have been:

  • reduced operating costs (53%)
  • improved collection of data (48%)
  • increased revenue from existing streams (42%)

There’s also an accompanying video:

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