IoT Sensors

Bluetooth LE provides a compelling way of implementing IoT sensing because:

  • The sensors are usually already cased and certified rather than experimentor, bare printed circuit boards.
  • Being wireless, they can be placed in remote areas that have no power.
  • Being Bluetooth LE, they can last on battery power for years.
  • Again, being Bluetooth LE, they are suitable for use in noisy electrical areas.
  • They are commodity rather than proprietary items and hence very low cost compared to legacy industrial sensors.
  • No soldering or wiring up is required.
  • They are easy to interface, for example, to Bluetooth gateways and smartphones.
  • They can participate in Bluetooth Mesh to communicate over large areas.
  • They detect a variety of quantities such as movement (accelerometer), temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and magnetism (hall effect), proximity, heart rate, fall detection, smoke, gas and water leak.
  • They are proven. For example, some of our temperature sensors are used to monitor airline cargo.
  • Software exists, such as BeaconServer™ such that you don’t need to write any software.
INGICS Movement Sensor

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