Nordic Semiconductor Wireless Quarter Articles

Nordic Semiconductor, the manufacturer of the System on a Chip (SoC) in many beacons, has published the latest online issue of Wireless Quarter Magazine. It showcases the many uses of Nordic SoCs.

The latest issue of the magazine highlights the use of SoCs in the following Bluetooth solutions:

  • A glucose monitoring system
  • A six-degrees-freedom (6DoF) virtual reality (VR) headset
  • A smart bulb that can be controlled from a connected device or by voice command
  • A smartwatch incorporating Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) functionality
  • A Mouse supporting very low latency PC gaming
  • A Bluetooth LE powered trampoline wearable

There are also interesting articles on:

  • The DECT-2020 standard for IoT
  • How engineering education is evolving to train tomorrow’s IoT innovators
  • How location services can extend beyond supply chains to other use cases
  • How wireless tech increases workers’ safety and boosts productivity

The use of asset tracking solutions in global logistics could create $1.9 trillion of economic value

There’s also an ‘Inside Track’ article on beacons showing how beacon wireless location services are making consumers’ lives simpler.