Wireless Quarter Magazine

Nordic Semiconductor, the manufacturer of the System on a Chip (SoC) in most beacons and number one supplier of SoCs for Bluetooth LE solutions, has published the latest online issue of Wireless Quarter Magazine. It showcases the many uses of Nordic SoCs.

The latest issue of the magazine highlights the use of the Nordic SoCs in the following Bluetooth solutions:

  • AirSuite hazardous indoor conditions monitor
  • NNOXX health and fitness performance wearable
  • Wevolver perishable goods transport solution
  • GreaseBoss machinery lubrication management sensor
  • Coral Sense connected construction module using Bluetooth Mesh

There are also in-depth articles on Cellular IoT, how AI and machine learning are transforming IoT, Cellular IoT and DECT NR+, Smart Power Grids and Connected Construction.